Admission Procedure

You must first call the school to register the application.

According to the degree and depending on the time of application, students are invited to pass French and mahtmatics tests at school (for grade1 to grade 11 inclusive);

Once the study is completed the file (test results and analysis reports), the school sends its decision to the parents.

In the case of an application for registration of a class, the number of places is limited, brothers and sisters of a student currently attending school are given priority, provided of course meet all the criteria admission.

Usually, the decision is sent within one week after the conclusion of the tests.

The school can provide the detailed test results for your child, but it is not allowed to see the tests themselves, these latter are protected by copyright . In addition, to ensure the validity of these tests, it is essential that these tests do not circulate. It is therefore unnecessary to insist on a copy.