Since its founding in 1991, Ali Ibn Abi Talib school continues to increase dramatically. Parents are particularly pleased to enroll their children in a school that reflects their culture while responding favorably to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Quebec.

School Ali Ibn Abi Talib is a private school licensed by the Ministry of Education of Québec.

It offers, in 2015-2016, the preschool to Secondary 5 (grade 11).

The school fully implements the basic school curriculum and Quebec. All the core curriculum provided by the Educationnal Program in Quebec schools is in French.

At the core curriculum adds a cultural enrichment arising from the school's educational project: facilitating the integration into Quebec society of students mostly from the Arab-Muslim immigration while preserving the cultural and religious their identity. This cultural enrichment occurs educationally by the presence at all levels of Arabic language and Islamic Religion and culture, in terms of the overall educational environment while practicing Islam, the property offers various complementary activities focusing in particular on respect for Islamic Rituals and links with the community.