Communication with Parents

In addition to the average official bulletin, the school offers a range of formal and informal means of communication for the evaluation of learning.
• The school calendar, telephone contact with parents and the direct meeting appointment are informal means of communication.
• In addition to the general information meeting at the beginning of the school year, the school, on the occasion of the issuance of bulletins 1 °, 2 ° and 3 ° steps, evening parent-teacher conferences. Those of the first and third steps are aimed at parents of all students, those of the second are primarily parents of students.

At the end of each step, to reward students being particularly distinguished in each class in terms of academic achievement and behavior in school, licensees, collaboration with other teachers in the classroom, identify three deserving students in terms of academic achievement and three students in terms of behavior. Mentions of excellence and honorable mentions, materialized in the form of a certificate, issued by the Directorate.