A typical day in kindergarten

• 8h 00 to 8h 30 : Home hygiene and taking attendance.
8h 30 to 9h 00: Chat circle of friends over the message of the day and date.
9h 00 to 9h 20: Islamic Education and emergent literacy in Arabic or emergent writing in Arabic.
• 9h 20 to 9h 30: Hygiene.
9h 30 to 10h 00: Snack and hygiene.
10h 00 to 10h 25: Recreation
10h 30 to 11h 00: Activities directed generally playful introduction to reading or writing to arousal.
11h 00 to 11h 30: Activities directed generally play around numbers and writing.
11h 30 to 12h 00: Meals.
12h 00 to 12h 30: Hygiene and recreation.
12h 30 to 13h 00: According to the days of the week: Reading stories or art.
13h 00 to 13h 45: Nap periodic relaxation.
13h 45 14h 15: According to the days of the week: free games or free designs.
14h 15 to 14h 30: Every day, when self-evaluation and messages.
14h 30 to 14h 50: Clothing and hygiene.
14h50: Departure.