The instruction is given by teachers who are qualified in teaching and legally qualified by the Department. The courses are taught in French.

The school welcomes students at the preschool, primary and secondary (up to Secondary 5). The student has the opportunity to study in an educational environment stable, he knows well and where teachers can accompany him on his journey for several years. Most of our students choose to pursue their studies at our school.

Programs are those of the MELS, supplemented by local programs in Arabic and Islamic culture and religion. In elementary school, teachers are holders that provide education in most disciplines, with the exception of English courses, physical education, Arabic, ethics and religious culture (É.CR) and Islamic culture and religion. In secondary level, classes are taught by specialists.

Preschool (kindergarten) education is first socialization and gradual development of student autonomy. We not talking of course, but educational activities planned as part of daily routines.