Monitoring of students with behavioral problems or learning

The school agenda is the preferred informal means of communication between the teacher and the student's parents to report occasional difficulties, both academic and behavioral.

Depending on what is required by the student's situation, contact telephone and direct meeting can also be used by the teacher with the parents of a pupil.

If difficulties persist after a student specific interventions, the teacher sends a formal notice to parents indicating the need for and nature of required patches.

If the patches have not been made or have not produced the desired results, the teacher refers the student to the management concerned with a diagnostic report detailing the events, probable causes, interventions already made and suggested courses of action.

After validating this report to other student's teachers, management meets the parents (and the student if necessary) to determine a plan of action which is then summarized in a formal opinion of the management communicated to parents and teachers concerned. This notice shall specify the measures adopted and the possible consequences of the intervention.

In the event that the school does not have the professional resources tailored to the student's situation, management directs parents to professional resources available as private suggestion. The use of these resources is the responsibility of parents, and at their expense.

An indicative list of various professional resources available to parents can be viewed or downloaded.

During the period of application of the plan, the management ensures that the parents of the pupil shall be informed at least once per month, the evolution of their child's learning.

If, at the end of the school year, the student's academic difficulties persist and do not appear in the process of solution, management determines the orientation of the student for the next school year. It may be, as appropriate, a repetition, a promotion or a conditional orientation of the student to another school best suited to their needs.