Student rules

1. All staff members have authority over all students. The student must comply with the instructions received from an adult school.

2. Criminal behavior or contrary to law (including theft, vandalism, possession of weapons, alcohol or drugs) will be severely punished and may require the intervention of the police and the suspension or expulsion from school .

3. Students must arrive at school on time, that is to say between 8am and 8:15 in the morning. It remains in the court (or in the gym, in bad weather) to the sound of the bell announcing the start of class.

4. Students arriving late must report to the secretariat before going to class and must explain the delay or explain to his parents. Management assesses if the delay is justified or not. In the latter case, sanctions will be applied.

5. All movements of the pupil in the school must be supervised by an adult, according to the guidelines and in silence. The student must not be alone in a room. Traffic down (return to class only to find forgotten material, for example) is prohibited.

6. It is forbidden for the student to leave the school grounds without permission during the day.

7. At the end of the course in the afternoon, the student should normally leave school and, if necessary, until his parents in court (at the gym in case of bad weather). The only students allowed to remain inside the school are those who are enrolled in daycare and those who were summoned by a teacher or by management.

8. The student must comply at all times with the prescribed attire: uniform and shoes inside and closed black heels. The holding of physical education is required on days where the course instructor.

9. The wearing of hats, makeup and jewelry is prohibited. Dress and the hair should be clean and without extravagance.

10. Possession and use of electronic devices (cell phones, music players, electronic games) are prohibited in school. These objects can be subject to confiscation, at least temporarily.

11. At any time, the student must refrain from violent behavior or may pose a risk to their safety or that of others. In addition to possible sanctions, any damage caused by the student will be charged to parents.

12. At all times, students must behave with others (students and adults) with courtesy and respect. Physical or psychological harassment, insults, threats and other aggressive behaviors are not tolerated and leads to sanctions.

13. In class, students must have all the required materials, the course, participate in learning activities and follow the directions and operating rules set by the teacher. It must remain in its particular place, ask permission before moving or intervene respect the material and keep his desk and personal belongings clean and tidy.

14. Assignments and homework given by teachers are required. Homework not done, incomplete and neglected will result in sanctions.

15. The student must send his parents on the same day correspondence delivered by the licensee or by management. He must ask his parents to sign the school diary or form requiring signature and return to class the next day.

Rules about school transport

This Regulation shall apply to all students of the school bus users.

• Access to bus

Only students enrolled in the school bus are allowed to take the school bus. In case a student does not take the bus occasionally, information written consent signed by the legal representative must be presented to management. In this case, the school's responsibility ceases when the student leaves the school.

• Distance from home to school in the morning

Students must wait for the bus to stop at least three minutes before the scheduled time of the passage of the bus. The kindergarten children must be accompanied by an adult until boarding. Upon arrival at the facility, students go directly into the yard off the bus under the supervision and under the authority of staff.
• Distance-school home in the evening

Students go quietly in the bus under the authority and oversight of carriers; students can only leave the facility. The buses leave 10 minutes after the end of the course, so as not to delay the departure of all the buses do not wait for latecomers.
• Communication between the school and families

As drivers need to focus exclusively on the task for the safety of all, it is not possible to discuss with them. Any complaint or other communication shall be forwarded directly to the school principal, by email ( Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. ) or by phone: (514) 744-0801. Any form of verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

• Behaviour on buses

Buses are available to all and must be protected by everyone. Any damage caused intentionally or by negligence or indiscipline will be punished and the cost of remediation will be borne by the family.

A polite and correct student is expected to respect the staff and their peers. Students must respect the cleanliness of buses. It is forbidden to chew gum, eat or drink on the bus. Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to bring sharp or dangerous objects (lighters, blades etc. ..). No violence, both verbal and physical, will not be tolerated.

On board the bus, students must remain seated until the landing place. They can not open the windows or lean out. Any breach of these rules will result in reprimands, oral and written. Three written warnings will result in suspension or expulsion from school transportation.